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  • Song Lists for Posts

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    To make it a little easier to play, this page contains alphabetical list of songs already added to various posts about music. Click on the title of the post that interests you and it will take you to that list: Alphabet Songs | Love Songs  |...
  • Diet Recipe Index

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    Recipes by Diet Types   1. Balanced, Low Calorie Recipes 2. Eliminate or Restrict Foods Recipes (Paleo, South Beach, Vegetarian, Vegan) 3. High Fat / Low Carb Recipes (Atkins, Ketogenic, Low carb, Mediterranean) Page with Brief...
  • Brief Descriptions of Popular Diets

    Last updated by Mimi58
    Brief Descriptions of Diets The following list of well-known diets are organized according to main diet type. The listings include a brief description as well as links to a more detailed description and to the official website. Balanced,...
  • Graphic Resources

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  • Online Tools

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  • CSS Resources

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  • Members CSS Zen Designs Index

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  • Embedding

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    Embedding Posts Facebook | from Facebook First, always check that the image/post you want to use is public. If it is not, it won't show. Tip: To make copy and pasting easier, have one window open to the post on FB you want to share...
  • Who Were You on Eons?

    Last updated by Mimi58 Comments (11)
    Eons Screenname / Epic Years Screenname   Branflake / Branflake Calliope08/CallieChick / Calliope Classygirl / Southernlady Chrystalsea or Crystalsea / Chrystalsea DragaoDHJ / DragaoDHJ Ellen 7 / Ellen Esmeralda430 /...
  • Index Page

    Last updated by Syble

    Categories: Food and Drink

    The categories will be in alphabetical order. The recipes won't be. Beef Paula Deen's Meatloaf  https://www.epicyears.com/discussion/view/56542/paula-deens-meatloaf Weight Watcher's Mexican Casserole  ...

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