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  • Embedding

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    Embedding Posts Facebook | from Facebook First, always check that the image/post you want to use is public. If it is not, it won't show. Tip: To make copy and pasting easier, have one window open to the post on FB you want to share...
  • Who Were You on Eons?

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    Eons Screenname / Epic Years Screenname   Branflake / Branflake Calliope08/CallieChick / Calliope Classygirl / Southernlady Chrystalsea or Crystalsea / Chrystalsea DragaoDHJ / DragaoDHJ Ellen 7 / Ellen Esmeralda430 /...
  • Index Page

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    Categories: Food and Drink

    The categories will be in alphabetical order. The recipes won't be. Beef Paula Deen's Meatloaf  https://www.epicyears.com/discussion/view/56542/paula-deens-meatloaf Weight Watcher's Mexican Casserole  ...
  • The Studio Index

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    Studio posts arranged by categories   Dashboard Your Dashboard - Styling Your Dashboard with Widgets   Online Tools Pixlr.com - Free Online Graphics Editor   Photos and Images Change name of photo...
  • Setting Visibility of Your Group's Threads/Posts

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    It's not as simple as setting your group as public or private. Most groups will want all the threads/posts to be public so potential members can decide whether to join. However, at the moment, there is not a way for managers to make a blanket...
  • Gifts available to send

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    Marianne7Sevens and Sybil made the majority of these gifts for Epic Years. We'd like to say a great big, "Thank you!" We appreciate it very much! The "Gift" plugin needs tweaking, but until we get it done, you can view the...

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