A long

time ago

in a galaxy

far, far away 

. . .

No, wait. That's Star Wars.

Begin again. Cue music:

What seems like a long time ago, on a social network which is now far, far away . . . . two people met because of a keystroke error in some longtext code. One was a retired granny lady from the Southwest. The other was a software engineer from the Northeast. Both enjoyed playing with code to see what could be done.

One day the social network disappeared. It was learned that the main company had been disbanded some months previously and the office was closed. The site had ceased to exist.

The young engineer expanded his horizons, traveled to exotic places in his work and dabbled with some projects here and there. The granny lady started looking for another online place to play, frolicked with grandkids every chance she got and dabbled with some projects here and there.

Alas, although the granny lady looked high and low for a few years, no other network quite fit the bill. Some came close. Some seemed promising but stalled out. Some came and went. Some were light years away.

Then, during a rare email exchange between the granny lady and the engineer, a lightbulb went off. The two who liked to play with code decided to see what they could do to create a fun, happy community. Ideas were bandied about. Research was done. Software was tried. A name was chosen. Slowly, but surely, the network began to take shape. The network project continued to grow until it is what you see today. And, if users like what they find, it will continue to grow and evolve.

The granny lady is still retired with lots of time on her hands. The young guy is still working a day job gaining experience and knowledge as each day passes. Both still enjoy playing with code to see what can be done.

So, form groups. Share. Discuss. Blog. Play. Make suggestions. Give feedback.

Have some fun!