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Overview / Account Settings / Notifications

  • Uploading and Cropping Your Avatar: The video shows how to change an avatar or add one if you were pre-approved for membership. However, the steps for uploading an avatar when you sign up are similar.
  • Epic Years Avatar Crop Tool: Another video showing how to upload and crop an avatar image. You can click and hold and draw a small box within the image. Then click and drag the corners to the size you want.
  • Profile and Account Settings: This video shows how to set profile visibility, choose who can send you private messages and whether the home page, your dashboard or your profile page opens when you sign in to Epic Years. It also shows where to go to change your email and password.
  • Notification Choices: (Work in Progress)

Your Epic Years Profile Page

When you first join Epic Years, your profile page is rather sparse. But there are many things you can do to have your profile page reflect your interests and personality. One of the first things you might want to do is add some information by filling in some spaces or adding images or text to the "About Me" box. You can also add images, videos and styled text to "Free HTML" widgets.

  • How to Open "About Me" Section: Just a quick video to show how to click "Edit Profile" to get to the "About Me" section of the Epic Years profile page.
  • Profile "About Me" Section: A mixture of images, videos, and styled text can be displayed in the "About Me" section on your profile page.
  • Add Widgets to Your Profile Page: This video shows how to add widgets to your Epic Years profile page. You can customize each widget by clicking on the "gear" icon that appears when you hover over the widget. You can remove the widget by clicking on the "x" that appears when you hover over the box.

Posting on Epic Years

(in groups, the "About Me section, "Free HTML" Widgets)

  • Styling Text in "About Me" Section: These examples will work in group posts and replies, the "Free HTML" widget posting box as well as the "About Me" posting box.
  • Add an Image to a Post Using a Direct Link: The steps are the same for a group post or reply, the "Free HTML" widget box as well as for the "About Me" section of the Epic Years Profile page.
    • Click to open a posting box (Group post, "Free HTML widget, "About Me", etc.)
    • Click on the picture icon in the editor.
    • Paste the direct link URL into the box under "URL"
    • Click "Ok"
  • Use Embed Code to Add a Video or Image: The steps are the same for a group post or reply, the "Free HTML" widget box as well as for the "About Me" section of the Epic Years Profile page.
    • Click to open a posting box (Group post, "Free HTML widget, "About Me", etc.)
    • Click on the film icon in the editor.
    • Paste the embed code into the box that pops up.
    • Click "Ok"
  • Upload an image from your computer to post in a Group discussion thread, a "Free HTML" widget and your "About Me" section of your profile page using the same steps:
    • Click on the image icon in the editor.
    • A popup appears.Click on the "Upload" tab.
    • Click on "Browse". A "file upload" popup appears.
    • Find the image you want to upload.Click on the image and click Open or OK. The "file upload" popup disappears.
    • Click on "Send to server" (It will switch back to the other tab) Then click on "OK"
    • The picture should appear in the post.


Epic Years Photo Albums

Setting up Your Dashboard

The dashboard for new members seemed very bare, so now new members will start out with a few widgets. But, they can delete them, add more and move them around.

Here are a couple of videos that might help.

  • Add and Move Widgets: Your dashboard is your private area on Epic Years. You can add widgets that help you keep up-to-date or act as quick links to friends, groups, site or group activity, blogs, etc.
  • Tweaking widgets: Hover over the top right section of a widget. Click on the "gear" icon and make different settings for each widget. You can tweak Profile page widgets in the same way.

Some widgets are available on your dashboard, your profile and in groups you manage. Some widgets are only available on certain pages. However, you can add, move and tweak widgets in basically the same on each of the pages.

Starting a Group on Epic Years

If you decide to start a group, you can make rules and organize the group as you see fit as long as you follow the Epic Years Terms and Community Guidelines.

However, before you start, it is best to consider what type of group you want. Do you want a serious discussion group or a laid back social type group? Do you want members sharing images, graphic comments and/or photos or do you want the discussions limited to text? When you create your group, you can state your expectations and list any additional rules in the description section of your group.

You will also need to consider the graphics you will use. The group icon (shows in left column near top of page) should be about 200px by 200px.

Once you have your information and graphics ready, you can go to the "groups" page and click on "Create a new group". The first thing you type in is your group name. There are two description boxes underneath the group name. These will show in the group, The first one can include your additional rules, expectations or simply a description. The second one is intended to be very short and shows on the "groups" list page, also. This thread contains a video which shows the first steps

After you create your group, the next step is to click on "Edit" and make some choices. The default access of the content of groups is public. We suggest allowing the public to see the content of your group, so that other people are attracted to the site. However, some groups might discuss things of a personal nature and we realize you might not want the public to see your discussions. You can set the access to your group in the edit mode under the tab, "Access". You can choose to have your group public or private, open to enrollment or by invitation only, and you can choose who can see the content. This thread contains a video which shows the group manager settings.

Always remember to click "save" on each page where you make a choice. If you make a choice and then go to another tab in edit mode before you click "save", your choice may not stick. So, make choices, click save and then go back into edit mode again and go to a different tab.

There will be a few widgets already on the group page. You can add other widgets to the group home page if you want. This videos shows some of the widgets you can add.

You can also choose to have other administrators. If you choose a member to become an administrator in your group, that person will have many of the abilities you have. Choose your administrators wisely and let them know what you expect of them.