Community Guidelines


Epic Years is intended to be a site where folks can gather, discuss, share and enjoy. As an online community of passionate, intelligent and experienced folks, we host a variety of diverse opinions. We welcome this diversity, and ask that all our members adhere to these simple guidelines. Keep in mind your use of Epic Years is subject to both these guidelines, The Rules of Conduct and the Epic Years Terms of Use (Terms or TOU).

Play Nice.

  1. Be Respectful.
  2. Do not deliberately provoke others. Do not post content that is hostile and insulting or with the intent of provoking an angry response.
  3. Respect Group Rules.
  4. Do not post content containing personal attacks, hate speech or bigotry.
  5. Do not post explicit or violent content.
  6. Do not use Epic Years for commercial or advertising purposes.
  7. Do not do anything criminal or illegal.
  8. Do not misuse Epic Years.

Be Safe.

  1. Recognize that this is an open community.
  2. Be cautious in meeting offline.
  3. Don't share your personal information.
  4. Don't share personal information about anyone else.

Inappropriate Content.

  1. Report/flag inappropriate content

Play Nice

Be Respectful:

Epic Years is intended to be a place where everyone feels welcome, safe and respected. We are a community of many types of people. You will probably see content that is not in agreement with your viewpoint or you may meet people who have a personality that conflicts with yours. If you see something you are unable to relate to, one choice is to move on. If you choose to discuss what you see or debate with another member, be polite. Much can be learned from a healthy discussion. If a healthy discussion becomes too heated (where members are attacking one another or insulting one another instead of calmly presenting information) the discussion should end.

Do not deliberately provoke others.

When emotions get heated, it's sometimes tempting to cross the line during conflict and stop talking about the topic and instead talk about the people involved. You may be tempted to "set the person straight", to call names, or post inflammatory and hateful content. You may be tempted to tell your side to your friends and get their help to "show up" other members. Don't do it. Don't harass other members and do not encourage your friends to harass other members. Take a deep breathe, and don't respond until you have your emotions under control. Harassment and any other behavior or activity that amounts to cyber-bullying as determined by Epic Years team will absolutely not be tolerated.

Epic Years is not a venue for you to harass, abuse, impersonate, or intimidate others. Don't visit groups with the intention to harass others. Don't "drag" issues and/or disagreements from one area of Epic Years to another. Problems or debates that occur in a Group should stay in that Group. Again, be respectful and keep incendiary comments off of Epic Years.

If you happen upon a "troll" (a member who posts for the sole purpose of instigating trouble) do not post replies to them, accuse them of trolling, or try to publicly "out" them. These actions simply encourage a "troll" Instead, flag to report the inappropriate content.

Respect Group Rules

Epic Years is intended to be a place where people laugh and share with old friends and make new friends. Since members have the ability to form and manage groups, you may find "game" groups where the rules differ from games you have played in the past. Groups may form to share glittery graphics or certain types of music. You may also find some groups where members interact with each other with sarcasm, irony, mockery or "acerbic wit". You may find a group formed as a place to "let off steam" about things that bother them. Generally, the group name or description will give you a hint about the atmosphere of the group. If this is not the type of entertainment you enjoy, don't stay with the group, don't lecture or try to change the group. Don't vent your frustrations or rant about the rules or about the management. As long as the Terms of Epic Years are followed, group managers may manage their groups as they see fit. Find groups more to your liking or start your own group.

Don't post hate speech

Epic Years is a platform for rational discussion of ideas. It is not a platform for hate speech, personal attacks, harassment or intimidation. Slurs and attacks aimed at any race, color, religion, disability or sexual orientation are not allowed on Epic Years. The community is open to the free exchange of ideas, including politics and religion; however, you may not attack the beliefs, ideals, or choices of other members. Hate speech and any other behavior that amounts to cyber-bullying as determined by Epic Years will not be tolerated on Epic Years.

Do not post explicit or violent content

Members of Epic Years are from a variety of locations, cultures, and backgrounds who hold different points of view concerning adult-oriented content. Please respect the choices of people in our community.

Epic Years is not an "adult site" or a site to promote violence. You may not post content that is pornographic or obscene. Do not post links to commercial porn sites. Explicit or vulgar language and photos are not permitted. Photos that contain nudity, graphic depictions, or sexually explicit material are not allowed. You may not publish or post explicit violent or otherwise graphic content. It’s not okay to post violent or gory content that’s primarily intended to be shocking, sensational, or disrespectful. This category includes any discourse of a violent nature.

However, Epic Years is a site for adults and there may be discussions of adult-oriented content that could be considered "sensitive" (but not pornograpic or obscene). Any "sensitive" adult material should NOT be posted in public areas of Epic Years. Group Managers may choose to have a private "partner" group where more sensitive adult material can be shared or discussed. Group managers may also require that threads containing adult material be marked as such in the beginning post with a statement such as, “Warning: adult material follows.”  Group Managers may delete any content from their group that they feel is not appropriate.

If you are not comfortable with discussions concerning "sensitive" material in a group, you can either scroll past them, discuss it with the manager or leave the group. If content is pornographic or obscene, you can flag it for review. If the appropriateness of a photo or post is questionable, we may err on the side of caution and delete the photo or post. Epic Years, in their sole discretion, will determine whether the content remains or is deleted.

Remember, by using Epic Years, you acknowledge that Epic Years and its designees shall have the right (but not the obligation) in their sole discretion to pre-screen, refuse, move or remove any User Content from the Web site, with or without notice.

Don't use Epic Years for commercial or advertising purposes

It is not okay to post or Private Message content clearly meant only to solicit others for personal and financial gain. Pyramid schemes and other unethical business schemes are prohibited.

It is not acceptable on Epic Years to ask another member for money, goods or services. Commercial use of Epic Years must be approved by Epic Years. Only post about your outside business or agency in designated areas.

The only places on Epic Years where it is acceptable to post about your legitimate outside business or agency are:

  • In your Epic Years Profile — as a reference to describe who you are. After receiving SPECIFIC WRITTEN PERMISSION from the administration, you may display the pre-approved website link to either a personal or business website on your Epic Years profile page. However, no discussion of your services or products are allowed without further specific permission from Epic Years.
  • In your Blog—only as a reference to describe who you are. No links to your business websites or your product/services on commercial websites are allowed nor is any discussion of your services or products allowed without specific written permission from Epic Years.
  • In messages to members who have explicitly asked for information

"No follow" links are (or will be) automatically created for external links.

Users may not post links to websites where they are compensated for clicks or for placing links.

Users whose primary activity on the site consists of placing links may be terminated or have their links removed.

Users may not post links to websites, videos or other media where the language used is not English.

Don't do anything criminal or illegal

Members of Epic Years are not above the law so don't post content that violates your country, state, province, or city law. Don't encourage others to do anything criminal or illegal. Don't entice others to share personal information or violate copyrighted content. Don't threaten, harass, impersonate, or do anything to harm others.

Don't misuse Epic Years

Don't create multiple accounts to violate these guidelines or the Epic Years Terms of Use. Don't post links to sites that contain viruses or that interfere with Epic Years. Don't post the same thing over and over or spam in any other way. Don't post or Private Message unsolicited content to multiple recipients. Don't post links to any site that may be a competitor of Epic Years. Don't block ads on Epic Years—advertising revenues fund the site.

Be Safe.

Recognize that this is an open community.

The messages posted in our community areas are the opinions, ideas, and stories of other members. Groups are run by the members who started them, not Epic Years. Please understand that people may not be who they say they are or have the qualifications that they say they have. Please do not substitute anything you read on Epic Years for the advice of your doctor, healthcare professional, attorney, or legal professional.

Be cautious in meeting offline.

There are times when members of the Epic Years community make plans to meet offline. When using Epic Years or any site on the Internet to communicate with someone, there's no sure way to know for sure that they are who they say they are. So keep this in mind if before you disclose any personal information or if you choose to set up a meeting with another member. Pick a public place where there are a lot of people around and arrange to meet there. Offline member events are not sponsored by Epic Years and you take part in them at your own risk.

Don't share your personal information.

Be cautious when connecting with others on Epic Years or anywhere online. Remember that a lot of the Epic Years community such as blogs and Public Groups are viewable by anyone. Much of Epic Years public content may come up on Google and other Internet searches. Please keep this in mind when posting content. Don't provide your personal information including your outside email address or phone number. Understand that connecting with someone in Epic Years Groups or exchanging Private Messages on Epic Years with someone does not mean you now "know" them. Be cautious and keep email communications on Epic Years via Private Messages.

Don't share personal information about anyone else.

Post content that either you created or that you have authorization to publish. Don't post something that isn't yours without permission. Never post private messages publicly or disclose private message content in any way. If you see content that you suspect as either private or copyrighted, don't assume that this is malicious. Instead, contact the member who posted the content politely and ask them to remove it or consider reporting it to the Epic Years Help Team.

Report Inappropriate Content.

Epic Years is an open community and we do not look at every post, photo, or comment made on the site nor do we guarantee the integrity of every member. Because of this, you may see things on Epic Years that you don't like. If you see something that you think either violates any of the guidelines above or the Terms of Use, please use the flag as inappropriate link which automatically reports it to Epic Years for review and appropriate action/response.

When something is reviewed by the Epic Years Team and we believe it violates our guidelines or the Epic Years Terms of Use, we will take action. It is our sole decision if something has violated our guidelines or the Epic Years Terms of Use and up to our sole discretion as to what action we feel is appropriate. These actions include removing content, warning members, suspending accounts or any action we deem necessary to maintain the integrity of the Epic Years community. Please let us handle the situation and don't post about your suspicions and grievances. We may not always be able to explain our actions or provide you with all the details that we base our decisions upon, but rest assured we don't take these matters lightly.